Meet Your Teachers


Stacy with her son Boston


I have 12 years combined experience of being both in front of, and behind the camera. I have a passion for fashion and a flare for the dramatic. I LOVE anything that is unique, different, and edgy!

I enjoy what I do and strive to make each photo session a truly unique experience for every one of my clients. I believe that a good photographer is one who can really bring out the personalities of their subjects. I live for photos that show emotion and really speak to you.

I am a happily married Utah girl with a soft spot in my heart for Southern California. I love to travel and my job has taken me all over doing what I love and capturing the world through the lens of my camera. I’ve shot weddings on the sandy beaches of California and Mexico, among the bright lights of Vegas and in the warm desserts of Southern Utah. I’ve photographed the beauty of the Oregon Coast, the rich colors of New England, the flavor of Italy and the vast history of old Route 66.

I am honored to have photographed events like the Miss Utah USA pageant, and the Stadium of Fire. I have had the privilege of photographing other amazing artists such as 311, The Beach Boys and Incubus as well as fascinating people like Glenn Beck, Fred Willard, and Dave Ramsey.

My work has been published in various magazines and recently in a book that is selling all over the world.

More of my work can be found online at,,,,,,, and


Cindy (left) Scrapbook Memories TV set


I have always been creative in some way – whether it was thru interior design, gardening, dance, scrapbooking and photography, art, or teaching various subjects.  I love making beautiful things!

I spent most of my working life as a secretary in different positions.  I learned everything I could about the technology in front of me.  My first computer was an IBM PC (no hard drive).

I started my own secretarial service called Professional Pages and did work at home for companies.  Then I added software consultation where I helped businesses decide on the right software for their needs.  I enjoyed working as a free-lance computer consultant and also added desktop publishing and web design to my list of services.

When I discovered that I could scrapbook on the computer, I was hooked!  I did some digital graphic design, opened a digital scrapbook boutique, and then later started publishing a magazine all about hybrid scrapbooking (traditional and digital scrapbooking combined!)  As Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine and after a year of printing, I saw the wisdom of publishing it all online and began adding online video classes teaching people how to use their computer to scrapbook and share online.  I’ve also been a guest host on several episodes of Scrapbook Memories TV Show.

It’s been a joy to combine my love of art and creating with technology.  I can take my own photographs and with a graphics software program, I can make them look stunning!  I can do instant facelift surgery, whiten teeth, take away blemishes, and even clone missing arms!  Plus a whole lot more!  I can’t wait to show you what YOU can do!